South Korea Internship

Job Description

Internship details:

This program has a lot to offer and therefore requires teachers that are who we like to call ‘top brass’. Are you enthusiastic about teaching, have a passion for children, and have a real desire for kimchi? Then you my friend are ‘top brass’ - just kidding about the kimchi!

This internship opportunity offers a fantastic opportunity to teach English in schools across South Korea! But don’t worry, you won't have to do this alone, your journey will start with intensive full training and orientation. The aim would be to ensure that you will have all the information you need to excel in your role, from in-class teaching and cultural sensitivity to knowing the ins and outs of living in Korea.

All teaching contracts are for a 12-month period, which means you will have twelve months to gain valuable teaching experience, travel and explore Korea, and make memories that will last a lifetime. You will be assisting the regular classroom teacher in the preparation and development of teaching materials, conducting English classes, and actively engaging with students in English conversations to improve their confidence in their speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills.

In a nutshell:

  • Full orientation and training will be provided on living in Korea as well as in class teaching.
  • Assisting the regular classroom teacher with English classes, as well as conducting classes.
  • Engaging with students as well as teachers with English conversations.
  • Assist in the preparation and development of teaching materials for the class.
  • Assisting with any other extracurricular activities related to teaching English.
  • You are required to teach in class a total of 22 hours per week.
  • 12 Month employment contract
  • Salary: KRW1.9 – 2.7 million per month (depending on experience)
  • Entrance Allowance: KRW1.3 million (to cover flight cost into Korea)
  • Exit Allowance: KRW1.3 million paid upon completion of contract (to cover flight cost out of Korea)
  • Settlement Allowance: KRW 3 million
  • Free accommodation (fully furnished)
  • Overtime pay: KRW 20,000 per hour for supplementary classes (double check this)
  • Severance pay: This is equivalent to one months salary!
  • Tax exemption: You will not be required to pay tax for two years! (Excluding Irish and Canadians due to lack of ROK Treaty)
  • Medical Insurance: 50% of the premium is paid by the employer.
  • Pension scheme: 50% of your pensions contribution is paid by the employer.
  • Paid National holidays: 26 working days paid days for all locations except for Seoul which has 21 working days. 15 national holidays
  • Start dates are for February and August
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