Teach English in Thailand

Job Description

EP Plus Learning is a well-established educational company based in Bangkok with 28 years of experience in providing its expertise in education, training, and management. We envision empowering students to acquire, demonstrate, and value knowledge and skills that will support them as lifelong learners who can contribute positively to the global world.

We are looking for a Teacher who can inspire students to love learning.

Job details:

We are looking for a committed teacher to complement our qualified workforce of educators. You will implement a full educational teaching plan according to the school’s requirements. It will be fundamental to provide knowledge and instructions to students while also helping them develop their personalities and skills.

The goal is to help cultivate the student’s interest in education and be their dedicated ally in the entire process of learning and development.

Job Description

1. Teaching

  • The teacher must teach the students as the company and their supervisor request with a concentration on the lesson and appropriate planning.
  • The teacher must make every effort to make their lesson fun and educational for their students.
  • The teacher will be expected to control their class and be always in the room with their students with adequate safety.
  • The teacher cannot use the phone to make or receive calls or use it for any social networking or other personal business during class time.
  • Online lesson plans or teaching guides must be consulted before class time. Lesson plans or handwritten notes are recommended.

2. Preparation

  • The teacher must read the syllabus, course outline, and lesson plan to understand the learning objectives of each lesson. Teachers should write this in a book, take this into class, and follow it very carefully.
  • The teacher will be supported by the headteacher and the supervisors.
  • The teacher must show sufficient preparation for the lesson.
  • The teacher is expected to check the student’s workbooks or/and worksheets properly, mark with the red pen, and write the correct answers.

3. Marking and Grading

  • The teacher will also grade the students’ workbooks and/or worksheets properly with an approved score system or appropriate words or stamps.

4. Using Teaching Materials

  • The teacher is expected to use and prepare teaching materials for the lesson. This includes the making of PowerPoints and additional materials when needed and required by the company.
  • Teachers will be allowed to use their teaching tools which are suitable for lessons and under the company’s approval.

5. Teaching Skills practice

  • The teachers will be expected to develop their teaching skills by observing other teachers or learning from other resources to improve their teaching skills. Teachers will accept to be observed by supervisors from the school and their company as scheduled.
  • The teacher will respect the feedback from the evaluation from the school and the company and make every effort to improve based on their comments.

6. Student Assessment

  • The teacherwill be asked to write the individual student assessment each term and send it to the company on time. The teacher may also be asked to write, prepare, and mark the test.
  • Teachers must recheck to find mistakes and correct them to the standard required by the company.
  • If the student’s assessment and/or student's reports are inappropriate and unacceptable, the company has the right to ask for rewriting.

7. Gate Duty and Morning Assembly

  • Teachers will be available for the morning assembly and door duty as requested.
  • The teacher is expected to be at the assembly/door duty place at least 10 minutes before the assembly/door duty starts and be ready to start when needed.

8. Support the coordinator

  • The teacher may be asked to support and help the company coordinator as requested.

9.Professional development

  • The teacher is required to attend all professional training activities organized by the company from time to time. These activities usually take place outside of regular work hours, and attendance, where required, is mandatory.


·Salary of at least 42,000 THB (Depending on teaching Experience and Performance)

·Incentives: attendance and teaching performance

·Health insurance

·Work permit and visa.

·Free seminars and workshops

·Lesson Outline / Guideline and Teaching Materials

·Positive working environment

·Long-term employment

·Location: Bangkok, Thailand

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